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When I was in college and was living in the dorms I had a roommate her name was Megan. We got along for the most part but we were two very completely different people. When we first met and we’re getting to know each other we realized that we lived very near each other and it was very funny. We came all the way to college to have a roommate who lives within 20 minutes of you. We were from very different backgrounds. She lived in a very affluent town and I did not. She was very spoiled and given everything that she has wanted her whole life and I was not.  She wasn’t a bad person or anything like that, we are just very different from each other.


She was used to getting things and I was used to working for things. Just because she grew up where she grew up doesn’t mean that her life has always been great. When she was young her parents her sister and her were all out on a boat having a good time one weekend and the boat caught on fire. There was a  horrifying scramble to get off the boat and get away from the fire. Her younger sister lost her life. Megan and her sister were very close when they were young and has always made claims that her sister Erin still follows her around. She claims that she has heard her on occasion. Not normally speaking but she sometimes would hear somebody walking around, or just feeling something that makes her presence known at times. One night in her dorm it was late and we were both in our beds and Megan woke me up and told me that she feels that Erin is with us right now.  She said that she could hear somebody walking around in our bathroom and we both knew that our roommates on the other side of the bathroom in the other dorm were gone for the weekend. She woke me up to see if I could hear anything that was going on just to make sure that she knew that it was Erin and that she just wasn’t imagining things. I did hear something in the bathroom but I couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t just somebody walking around in there but there is definitely some sort of noise in our bathroom. I totally believe in ghosts and I have had many situations where spirits have been shown to me so it wasn’t that I didn’t believe her that her sister was in the bathroom. I just didn’t hear the sound of feet walking around on the bathroom floor. After a couple of minutes of intensely listening to the bathroom she then told me that she heard Erin walking around in our actual dorm room. I didn’t hear anything moving around in our dorm room and it could have been a couple things. It could’ve been Erin just letting her presence be known only to Megan or that there is really nobody there. I can’t be sure. But whether or not I heard or believed that Aaron was there, Megan believes that Aaron was there and that’s what truly matters. If she felt Erins presence then I totally believe her that Aaron came to our dorm room. Maybe Erin came just to see who I was to make sure Megan was going to be alright with her new roommate and her first year of college, who knows. That’s the wonder of spirits and ghosts they don’t always show themselves to everyone and they don’t always show themselves all the time.



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Technically Not Ghosts

So this story is really not about ghosts but ghost like things. We all have moments when we think crazy things are happening but then realize it is not as bad as we thought at first. Our minds tend to go to the dark side of things before we can rationalize what is really going on. This is what happened to my boss’s babysitter, Sarah, while she was watching his son Mikey.

It was a Friday night and my boss Wayne was at a Tigers game with some of his buddies and Sarah was at his house watching Mikey. It is summer now so it does not get dark until well passed nine but they still had lights on, plus the TV, AC and all the other appliances that stay on all the time. For some reason the power was flickering, there was no storm, it was a beautiful night, not hot enough to cause the power to fail. Well, the power was turning off and on, it wasn’t even a brown out. It was seriously like someone was switching breakers off and on.

First the lights were flicker and the microwave would turn off, then the AC would shut off with the refrigerator. Then back and forth. Things would be turning off and back on randomly. Sarah was freaking out because Mikey was just sitting at the kitchen table telling her that his house was haunted and that this happens quite often. She totally believed him because there was no other reason for this to be happening. No storm, no heat wave, nothing. She couldn’t understand why this was going on and there was Mikey telling her that the house was haunted and totally playing it up. He would gasped when things would shut off and say things like “look! now it the TV” or whatever just shut off. Then be all relived when it cam back on,

Sarah didn’t know what to do, so she called Wayne and told him all about it, he was trying to reassure her that the house was not haunted but Sarah was still clearly upset because why was this happening, if not for ghosts? Wayne had to get Mikey on the phone and tell him to stop scaring Sarah and tell her that their house was not haunted. He did and eventually she calmed down but only when the power was on and stayed on. The next day Wayne got a call from DTE apologizing for the power outages that occurred the day before saying that there was an issue with the area but they have it all figured out now.

So, our minds tend to focus on the dark before we can except the truth. There were no ghost here but the circumstances prevented her from realizing that it was just the power. I probably would have freaked out to and I believe in ghosts!

Thanks everyone for listening, please comment on this to tell what you think.


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Whispers in the night

After I had graduated from high school, my family moved to a new house about thirty minutes north of the house that I grew up in. We moved to a smaller house with gray shingles , a one story instead of a two stories, one bath instead of two and a half baths, three bedrooms instead of four. However, we did upgrade from a pool to a lake, so I’ll take the smaller house with the lake anytime. It is so peaceful in the mornings. So calm and beautiful. The nights are a different story.

Not that this house is haunted per say but I do believe that certain aspects of it are questionable. Mainly my room. I don’t know why it was just my room but it was. Every once in a while I would heat whispering, I could never make out what was being said, I just heard whispering noises. Like there were two people talking so quiet as not to wake me but there were definitely people whispering in my room. It didn’t happen every night but enough where I would tell people that my room was haunted. Of course no one believed me, no surprise there.

I tried to tell my parents and they just looked at me like I was smoking too much dope. Which I was, not too much but I was. And that has nothing to do with what I was hearing because you do not hallucinate on pot. I would try to explain to them that it was just whispering and I couldn’t make out any words or voices really. My dad tried to explain to me that it was probably the baseboard heating that I was hearing. My response to that is that we don’t have the heat on in the summer time and I hear it throughout the year not just in winter. Then he said that I needed to lay of the dope and I said that that was his answer for everything.

It wasn’t until I moved out that my dad asked me one day to tell him again what the noises I heard in the room were. You see, once I moved out, my dad every once in a while would sleep in my room because my mom and him both snore to high heaven and they had turned my brothers room into a office. My room got turned into a quest room. So once in a while he would sleep in there. I asked him why did he want to know, he said that he hears something weird in there. I explained the noise I heard and he said that is exactly what he was hearing. He doesn’t smoke pot, so I asked him if he thought that he should lay off the pot. He laughed. He doesn’t believe in ghosts but now he can’t discount the noises we both heard.  I still believe that some ghosts were in there whispering back and forth to each other. But who really knows for sure?

Thanks for reading,


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To Believe or Not Believe

I’m sitting here at work and talking to my boss about ghosts and he tells me that he doesn’t believe in ghosts. He then asks me to explain to him the stories I have that ghost do actually exist. I first tell him that the reason he doesn’t believe in ghosts is because he has never had a supernatural experience. He tells me that he has never had a supernatural experience because there is no such thing. Now, we are not fighting about this, we always have these types of discussions, where he thinks he is right but I know that I’m right, so we go back and forth until one of us relents and concedes that the other one is right. He usually concedes first. He says that he does that because he knows that it’s impossible to win with me because I won’t give up, then I say I won’t give up because I’m right. See, this is how we do it.

Anyways, I explain about the times that my grandpa came back to visit me and he gives me this look like I’m crazy and asks me how I can know for sure that this is my grandpas ghost? I say to him that these experiences are more than just visual. It’s the feelings that come with it that you can tell who these ghosts are. He then gives me this other look that says I’m full of crap. I then go to explain that the feelings that came with my grandpa were feelings of calmness, safeness. So that tells me that this ghost is someone who knows me, plus the fact that the first experience I had I saw the figure of a man, so this tells me that it is my grandpa. He then asks me how I know that it is definitely my grandpa. I say that I guess that I can not be 100% sure of anything. It could be my other grandpa that passed away when I was 3 years old or it could be a distant relative that I have never met. One can never be positive in these situations unless the entity comes right out and says who they are. Which they never do.

We sit and stare at each other for a moment or two then he says to me that he thinks that when he was a little kid that he saw a ghost. I stare at him dumbfounded. What?!? After what he just said before he goes and says this?!? Are you kidding me?!? I ask him to explain himself. He then tells this story that when he was staying over in a friends apartment that happens to be located next to a cemetery, he saw a man coming up the stairs into the hallway. The apartment was two levels and he was upstairs sleeping in one of the bedrooms when he had stepped out in to the hallway and was heading to the bathroom when he saw a man walking up the stairs and into the hallway and then the man was just gone.  I ask him if he said anything to the man? No. Did the man say anything to you? No. Do you remember the man making any noise at all? No. Did the man have any features? Could you make out any details of his face? No, he was a shadowy man that looked like he was from a black and white movie. I then calmly ask him how he doesn’t realize that this was a ghost. He says that he can’t be sure if he was dreaming or sleep walking or if he just imagined it. I tell him that’s how most supernatural experiences go. You never fully believe it once it’s over. But you believe it wholeheartedly when its happening.

You can now see why I never concede first and relent on my position because 9 out of 10 times our discussions end this way. He doesn’t realize that he is not fully aware of all the facts and will never admit that he is wrong. I could write about so many discussions we have but those belong on another blog. I just wanted to share with you all this discussion that we had about ghosts.

Thanks for reading.


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3 times a charm

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 5.23.12 PM

I know that many people don’t believe in ghosts however, I know that many people do. I do. I also believe in aliens, to think that with the universe being a vast as it is that there is no other life out there is just ignorant. I’m not saying that the movies nailed it right on with aliens because we can’t know. We can’t know everything that’s out there. Which is why I believe in ghosts. Not all of ghost are evil or bad or want to hurt us. For whatever reason that they show themselves to us, I’m glad because I got to see my grandpa some more. Who knows why they linger here? It could be because they have unfinished business here on earth or that they haven’t realized they have died. Or just because they wanted to, simple enough. I always joke with my husband that if I die first I’m going to come back and haunt him. He says I better not because our marriage is “until death do us part”. Ha!  I say back to him that you can’t split up soulmates that easily, actually you really can’t split up soulmates at all but I’ll let him figure that one out on his own. Anyways, back to ghosts and my grandfather. I have written previously of my first two encounters with the supernatural. Here is the third…

My grandma went on a vacation a couple year after my grandpa died. She was much younger than he was so she was able to travel still and be completely independent. I think she went to Italy, she is Italian and loves to paint so I’m pretty sure she went there with her art class as a trip. She has a little dog named Lily and she asked me to stay at her house for a week and watch Lily while she was gone. Of course I said yes. Every night I sleep with a fan on, the white noise of those big box fans help me sleep, I cannot fall asleep now without one. I asked her if she had a fan at her house that I could use so I wouldn’t have to bring mine and she said that there was one in her room. Awesome. So I get to her house after work, she has left money and a note for me on how to take care of Lily. I make myself some dinner, feed Lily and then we just hang out watching TV. After I let Lily out, we head upstairs so I can get ready for bed.

I brush my teeth, change into my pajamas and go in her room to get the fan because I’m sleeping in the spare room. I can’t find it. I look all over the place and no fan. I think, “what the hell grandma?!?” Then I see it. Up on the ceiling. A ceiling fan. She has a ceiling fan in her room. OK, no big deal, I’ll just sleep in her room. I turn the fan on and no noise. It makes absolutely no noise. Of course. So what do I do now? Well, I searched her entire house and she has no other fans. Oh boy. I didn’t search the basement because I don’t g in basements. There could have been a fan down there and it would stay down there because I won’t go down there and get it.

I’m sort of freaking out at this point. I debated with myself if I should go home and get my fan but I don’t live close and it was so late. So I toughened up and decided that I would get my fan tomorrow and just deal without it tonight. So I’m all tucked in and I’m trying to fall asleep. I can’t. All I can concentrate on are the noises the house is making. All the creaks of the house settling. I toss and turn, I sleep for like twenty minutes then wake up, a restless sleep. I get more and more frustrated which doesn’t help. Then I “hear” the door open in the kitchen that leads to the garage. I know it’s that door because that door makes a unique sound, I can’t explain the sound it makes but everyone who hears it understands. My breath catches and my heart starts racing because I “hear’ the  door open and obviously  that door should not be opening. I lay still and wait. Then I “hear” a set off car keys being laid down on the island that is in the kitchen. Which is just as confusing as the door opening. I don’t understand what is happening. All of sudden I feel calm, I realize what I’m hearing is my grandpa. Like he is coming home from work and putting his stuff down, just letting me know that he’s home now and I can relax and go to bed. He walks through the door and sets his keys down. The next thing I remember is waking up in the morning. I can’t be sure how long it took to fall asleep after he came home but it probably wasn’t even five minutes. My first thought in the morning was that he knew I was having a hard time and he came to let me know that it was alright. I love my grandpa.

Unfortunately that was the last time that he visited me. I don’t know if he thought I was good after that or if he is finally just hanging out with all his friends. I guess its a good thing, maybe I’m a stronger person now. Who knows? I’m just grateful for the times that he did come. Well, that’s all for now, thanks for listening…

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He came back again!

As I was saying before in my previous post about the moments in my life where I have experienced the supernatural. There was three and they have all been with my grandpa.  I wrote about the first time with my grandpa standing in the doorway, just letting me know he was there. It’s always comforting to have a feeling that someone you love or care about is trying to reach out to you. The second time was months later, possibly almost a year later, I can’t be sure the exact time but I do know that was a good chunk a time in between.

We buried my grandpa in a cemetery a couple of cities south of where we moved to. Actually, we technically didn’t bury him, he was cremated but his ashes are in one of the mausoleums that are on the property. It’s a nice place for a cemetery. I don’t really remember the funeral all that well. I was 17 when he died and mostly I remember being in the funeral home. My cousin asked me if grandpa was going to be better now. He was 7, and I started bawling, and said that “yes, actually he is much better now”. I don’t remember going to the grave site, which I know we would have because he passed in the spring so the weather would have allowed it. I guess your mind lets you forget things that make you sad like that. Because I remember so many good times with him and can barely remember his funeral.

Anyways, one day I was driving somewhere, I don’t remember exactly where I was coming from or going to but I passed by the cemetery where he’s at. I didn’t stop in or anything because I was probably in too big of a hurry to. Because when you’re young everything is such a big deal. But I did talk to him as I was driving by. I say hello to him and told him that I missed him. I said that I was doing alright and that I loved him and then I blew him a kiss. I do remember that I spoke all of this out loud, not in my head, I actually voiced my thoughts out to him. I don’t know if that is why he heard me or not but he did.

That night after dinner I went into my brothers room to watch TV. He was away at college so I took it upon myself to trespass in his domain. I have my own TV in my room but he room was just more appealing to me. Probably because he hated it when I would go in his room and since he was gone then I could go in there without him knowing. Win Win, or maybe just a win for me. So there I am sitting on his bed watching TV. Now I must describe some things here, my brother has this mantle above his bed that had pictures on it, one of those pictures was of my grandpa. I didn’t hit the wall, or shift the bed and I didn’t have the fan on or anything like that. But as I was watching TV, the picture of my grandpa fell off the wall and landed in my lap. It wasn’t in a frame, it was a black and white photo in one of those paper portfolio type things that you get a senior picture back in, of him taken in his army uniform. So this photo lands in my lap and I open it up and there is my grandpa smiling back up at me with that wonderful smile of his. He was saying hello back to me, I just stared at that for what seemed like a hour. I couldn’t believe it, I had just said hello to him earlier in the day and he was saying hello back to me. I kissed the photo and love you and put him back up on my brothers mantle.

Most people won’t believe that any of this has to do with the supernatural and that it all was just a weird coincidence. That’s fine but I don’t believe that. I know that this was my grandpa trying to communicate with me and I love him all the more because of it. I have had one other experience like this but that is for another day. So for now , have a great day and thanks for reading!

Stacy signing off.

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Grandpa is back!

I have no proof of the following occurrences that I’m about to discuss but that doesn’t prove that they never happen. They happened to me, I experienced them. So to me, they happened. You may not believe me that these moments happened and that’s alright, something like this may never have happened to you. I feel you have to have experienced it to believe it. I’m still going to tell you. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the supernatural. A supernatural occurrence. Not everyone gets to experience one of these but more people do than you would believe. I have had three. And they all involve the same entity. My grandpa.

There were only five grandchildren in my family. My older brother, me and my three younger boy cousins. I was the only girl until my Aunt had a daughter when I was 22. So for all those years I was the only granddaughter, and my grandpa spoiled me rotten. We had a such a bond. He came to every dance recital that I had and would tell me how sexy me legs were, which used to embarrass me to no end. He also ask for my autograph, I would sign every program for him. He always made me feel so special. He came to every sporting event and would cheer for me even when I was on the sidelines. We had an underground pool at our house and he would come a couple times a week in the summer and we would swim all day long. He was the best grandpa. Until he passed away when I was 17 years old. I was devastated. My whole family was. He never got to meet the next six grandchildren.

The first time that he came to visit me was about a year after he passed. My family had just moved from the town that I grew up in. I was not very happy about moving so far from all my friends. However we moved to a house that is on a lake so I got over it pretty quick. When I saw him, I was the only one awake. It was late at night, my parents were a sleep and my brother was away at college. I was sitting in our recliner chair watching TV and I am not sure what made me turn to look down the hallway, maybe it was just a feeling or sense of a presence but I turned. I saw this figure hovering in the hallway. I say hovering because I didn’t notice any legs, I just saw the head, shoulders and upper torso. There was no features either, just a light behind him. I could tell that it was a man. He was about my grandpa’s height. For this being my first encounter with an apparition, I was not scared. I felt safe. I felt like I knew this being. He didn’t say anything but I felt like he was projecting a perception of confidence and love, he was letting me know, in the only way that was available to him, that he was here. That he knew that we moved, he finally found us and we always be there. No I was not scared. I felt content. I knew at once that it was my grandpa.

I didn’t want to look away, I didn’t want to lose him again but as soon as I blinked he was gone. That’s how long he lasted there, mere seconds. It felt a lot longer, more like minutes. Everything that I felt was instant, I realized once he was gone. It seemed like longer. After I blinked and he was no one, I just stared down the hallway hoping that I would see him again. I stared down that hallway longer afterward than I did when he was there. When I finally let myself look away I searched the family room thinking, hoping he just moved to a different spot. Nope. He was gone. After a moment, I felt OK with that. He came to let me know that he was still with me. That he truly never left me. I felt fortunate that I got to see him again. In any sense. He didn’t come back that night again. The next time he came back was when I least expected it…


Check back next week for the next time grandpa stopped by.

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